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Bank Gets New Branch Faster With Genesis Homes Modular Construction



 Troy, Mich., October 7, 2008  – Genesis Homes of Lillington, N.C., a member of the Champion family of builders, today announced that it is meeting the challenge of providing factory-built commercial buildings while shaving months off the construction process.  Successfully capitalizing on fast-changing market opportunities requires a fast response – an extremely difficult challenge in banking, or any retail situation when a new branch or outlet must be built quickly. 

Empowered with the responsiveness that modular construction provides, Turn-Key Financial Builders (Charlotte, N.C.) was able to design and build a new Bank of Floyd (Floyd, Va.) branch office approximately 35 percent faster than typical on-site construction for this type of facility.

Patterned after a similar branch built in Christiansburg, Va., the new 2,144 sq. ft. structure, located in Fairlawn, Va. is the second Bank of Floyd branch built with modular construction.  Production of the main structure modules was completed in Genesis Homes’ Lillington, N.C. facility, simultaneous with site preparation work.  Exterior brickwork, interior casework and trim, and the drive-thru canopy and teller window were done on-site.

Time savings can approach 50 percent when the efficiencies of the modular building process are brought into play.  Design, bidding, and conventional construction for a bank branch typically average 30 weeks (excluding variables such as civil engineering and plan reviews).  Modular construction cuts this time almost in half, to about 16 weeks, even with a few site-built elements such as drive-thrus, canopies and ATM areas.

In addition to record-time construction, modular systems provide another advantage – superior quality.  “The construction of a modular building is actually better than conventional site-built, because it has to be engineered to withstand travel,” reports George Stewart, vice president, sales, for Turn-Key.  “Of all the modular building manufacturers we’ve worked with, Genesis Homes delivers the best quality and the best project execution.  And I say this without qualification – this modular project was significantly better than any we’d done prior to it.  I couldn’t find any uneven dimensions.  It looks like it was built right there, from the ground up.”  Genesis modular commercial buildings are built to the same standards, and conform to the same building codes as site-built.

Leon Moore, president, Bank of Floyd, added, “Based on our first modular experience, we wanted to take advantage of the timing benefits of modular construction for a larger floor-plan branch.  By using the Genesis format, Turn-Key was able to build a high-quality facility in much less time than we expected.  We’re very happy with the design, and all of the work.  Unless you were a part of the project, you would have no idea that this is a factory-built building.”

The modular sections were assembled on-site in a matter of days, leaving more time for the completion by Turn-Key subcontractors on-site, who were coping with unusually severe winter weather conditions.  The end result was a time savings of approximately 10 weeks compared to typical conventional construction under the same conditions. 

Chris Cameron of Genesis Homes, summarized, “After a review at our plant, we quickly determined that we could accommodate the design specifications presented to us by Turn-Key.  These types of commercial projects are a natural fit for us, and we’ll be building more and more of them in the near future.”

Turn-Key’s George Stewart elaborates, “We anticipate that many opportunities will emerge where the timing factors and quality imperatives are going to point us to the use of Genesis Homes of Lillington for modular construction of commercial buildings.  We know we can count on Genesis for both speed and superior quality.”

Formed in 1978, Turn-Key Financial Builders, Inc., headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., is a design/build firm that works exclusively with financial institutions to build bank and credit union facilities.  Turn-Key’s service area includes North and South Carolina, and Virginia. 

Genesis Homes is a member of the Champion family of builders.  Troy, Michigan-based Champion, a leader in factory-built construction and the nation’s largest builder of modular homes, operates 33 manufacturing facilities in North America and the United Kingdom, working with independent retailers, builders and developers.  The Champion family of builders produces manufactured and modular homes, as well as modular buildings for government and commercial applications.  For more information, please visit www.genesishomes.com.


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