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Modular Construction – Answers the Challenges of Urban Redevelopment

There is no environment more challenging to traditional construction than urban infill. When on-site construction occurs in these settings builders must deal with a host of obstacles.  There is little room for material storage and any material that can be stored must be tightly secured or it may be pilfered from the site.  There is little room for workers vehicles often resulting in remote parking areas which delay production and impact efficiency.  It is difficult to maintain a safe site in in-fill situations due to the proximity to neighbors and pedestrians using the sidewalks creating additional cost and risk for builders.  In some cases work time is limited so as to minimize noise and disruption to existing neighbors and businesses. While these challenges can be overcome with traditional site construction to do so requires additional cost, time, and risk; the greatest threats to a successful project. However, when you use modular construction you not only shift the majority of the work into an environmentally controlled manufacturing center but you also shift the majority of its related noise, debris, and traffic.

With modular construction you can efficiently meet the architectural styles of most urban neighborhoods and exceed fire and safety and sound attenuation requirements. 

Modules can be completed in a factory, adhering to the local code, in less time and less cost, and with greater quality control, all without disrupting the project’s neighbors.  The modules can typically be installed in one day allowing the building to be secured in one day.  So if you are considering a single family or multi-family project in an urban or existing neighborhood; modular is the perfect solution.  Your new neighbors will appreciate it to!

Advantages of Factory-built Construction Processes

  • Less impact on surrounding neighborhood
  • Better site security and less construction risk for builder
  • Quality control
  • Construction speed
  • Tighter more energy efficient structure
  • Stronger, more durable structures
  • Building materials are protected from the elements
Project Spotlights

Hope VI "Bridges of Opportunity" Urban Redevelopment Project (Benton Harbor, Michigan)
Genesis by Champion modular construction was chosen for a Hope VI urban redevelopment project that included building 64 one- and two-story homes within 8 months to replace an apartment complex which was deemed unlivable

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Modular Construction Leads Urban Revitalization (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
Modular Construction aids in the rapid completion of 12 duplexes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Urban Redevelopment/Infill - MLK Historic District (Atlanta, Georgia)
The partnership between Genesis Homes, the Historic District Development Corporation and several financial institutions is playing an important part in the revitalization of Atlanta's most important historical district.

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