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Home Plans and Photos - Design Your Own Manufactured, Modular and Mobile Home

Design Your Own Mobile or Manufactured Home

Today, many shoppers for modular and manufactured homes begin their search on the internet.  They want to understand what floor plans and modifications are available, and most importantly, what the interior looks and feels like.  They like to do their homework before they contact the seller.  Unfortunately, most internet sites do not offer the kind of experience they seek.  While most have floor plan drawings, they are often technical in detail and do not inform the viewer about key issues like furniture placement and flexibility.  If they have any interior images, they are one-dimensional photographs that give the shopper only a small glimpse of what the home will look like.  To enhance the shopping process, and provide the consumer with a more informed experience, Champion Homes Builders developed the DiVE IN tool.

DiVE IN (Design Interactive Viewing Experience) provides many tools that a prospective homeowner can interact with by choosing a mobile, manufactured or modular home plan from a wide menu of lifestyle options, view exterior treatments and colors, take an immersive “virtual tour”, and record their shopping preferences for future reference.

Flex Design - Customize Your Manufactured or Modular Home

DiVE IN homes offer a wide variety of structural modifications that allow the shopper to “customize” a manufactured or modular home to fit the needs of their family.  While selections vary depending upon the model, they typically include: additional living space, re-configuring of existing space to accommodate home offices, additional bedrooms, flex space, alternate kitchen designs, and other exciting options.  You can select each option on the menu and instantly the floor plan will be modified to record your selection. 

Exterior Elevations

Once you have selected a manufactured or modular home floor plan and customized it to fit your needs, you can move to the “Elevations” tab where you can view the standard exterior treatments, as well as possible alternate exteriors.  With each exterior you can choose between three color treatments.

Modular and Manufactured Home Photo Gallery

Spend time in the “Photo Gallery” and you can easily access a variety of images that will give you a better understanding of the interior space of the manufactured, modular or mobile home you selected.

Virtual Tour – 360 View

Images are helpful, but to truly understand the interior space a virtual tour is required.  So, click on the “360 View” tab and select one of the camera icons available.  You will immediately be in the center of a virtual spin that will give a full sense of the size, and the relationship between different rooms in the modular or manufactured home.  Once you have taken a spin, you will know right away if this is the home for you.

Preview and Print

You can capture your DiVE IN experience by printing your summary page, which will identify the structural options you selected and the exterior treatments you liked most.  Take this printed page with you when you visit one of our authorized modular and manufactured home retailers and it will assist them in providing you with all the pricing information you need to make your final decision.

Share the DiVE IN Experience

The DiVE IN experience is a great way to design your own modular home and share the home you are considering with friends and family.  So, please feel free to share the site address with anyone.  They will love the experience - and the modular home you've selected - as much as you did!

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