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Mobile Homes: Plans and Photos

Champion Homes offers a variety of mobile homes for sale

What are mobile homes?

Mobile homes, also known as manufactured homes, are engineered to conform to the federal building code adopted in 1976 by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Mobile homes are designed and built entirely in a factory to be installed on-site at locations across the United States. Champion Homes offers a wide variety of mobile homes for sale with floor plans and sizes to meet the needs of all customers, including single-wide, double-wide and triple-wide designs. 

Mobile Homes Ensure Quality

Champion mobile homes are built in a carefully controlled factory environment, where they are protected from weather damage or vandalism throughout the building process. We employ only the most reliable and best trained craftsmen, technicians, and assemblers to produce homes of the highest quality. Every home undergoes over 35 quality inspections throughout the construction process to insure that each unit is built to our exacting standards.

Mobile Homes are Affordable

Mobile homes are an affordable alternative to purchasing an existing home or investing in a new site-constructed home. Since Champion Homes is among the leaders in the industry, we have access to high quality materials at low prices. We offer pioneering processes to complete the construction of a home quickly, efficiently, and affordable while maintaining the highest level of quality. We are then able to transfer the savings along to the consumer.

Other Advantages

Our mobile homes are completely customizable. Buying a mobile home does not mean sacrificing any feature you are looking for. In fact, mobile homes provide customers many amenities that you'll see in housing magazines and on TV shows. These include contemporary kitchens complete with stainless steel appliances, vaulted ceilings, well-appointed bathrooms with custom fixtures, and bedrooms complete with spacious walk-in closets.

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In the News

Champion donates a modular home to a United States veteran. The home is customized for wheelchair/universal access. The donation served as thanks to Waldemar Alameda for his service to his country.

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In the News

Two Genesis by Champion modular homes built in one day on Delmar Street, North End Village in Detroit, Michigan. Southeast Michigan-based companies demonstrate how modular building can quickly improve Detroit's housing stock, providing an affordable choice and changing lives.

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