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Going Green with Champion Homes

So what does "Green Construction" really mean? Simply put, it identifies practices and materials that reduce a home's burden on the environment. These practices also typically result in homes that are more comfortable, healthier and more economical to operate.

At Champion, we focus on the features and practices that make the biggest impact.

Energy Efficiency

First and foremost, building a green home means building an energy efficient home. Through a combination of high insulation requirements, Low "E" windows, a tight building envelope and a high efficiency heating and cooling systems can be 20–30% more efficient than standard homes. Many Champion Homes come standard with many Energy Star features to further reduce energy usage and save you money over the life of your house.

Resource Efficiency

Creating resource efficient designs and using resource efficient materials can maximize function while optimizing the use of natural resources. Resource efficiency is also about reducing jobsite waste. Creating an effective construction waste management plan and taking advantage of available recycling facilities and markets for recyclable materials, waste can be reduced by at least two-thirds, creating potential cost savings and reducing the burden on landfill space. Factory built construction processes carefully manage resource usage and maximize recycling

If you thought buying a more energy efficient home meant changing your lifestyle or paying for expensive new technology and building materials, think again. Champion designs homes to give homeowners like you a new green option - one that's attractive, affordable and built to last. It's a choice you can feel good about.

From our continuous recycling programs during the construction process to energy efficient heating and cooling systems and Energy Star rated appliances, Champion makes going green a smart and affordable option .


Project Spotlight

Modular Construction with Solar Applications (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)
Genesis by Champion is incorporating components into its modular building process for solar applications to offer customers energy savings of 80-90 percent on homes in rural Gettysburg

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In the News

Champion donates a modular home to a United States veteran. The home is customized for wheelchair/universal access. The donation served as thanks to Waldemar Alameda for his service to his country.. 

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In the News

Two Genesis by Champion modular homes built in one day on Delmar Street, North End Village in Detroit, Michigan. Southeast Michigan-Based companies demonstrate how modular building can quickly improve detroit's housing stock, providing an affordable choice and changing lives ...

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