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How to Read Home Floor Plans

How to Read Home Floor Plans

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Home floor plans can be confusing for many people. The overhead view of a home is not consistent with how we usually interact with a building. People often lose their bearings and are unable to understand how multiple floors connect, which rooms are which, and the size of structures.

Fortunately, understanding how to read floor plans is just a matter of taking a little time to familiarize yourself with them. Once you are familiar with home floor plans, you will be ready to search for a modular home with confidence.

Below you will find a few tips to help show you how to read floor plans.

Understand the Scale of the Home Floor Plans

It is important that you understand the measurements on home floor plans in order to know how large the building and rooms will be. Most plans will use a set scale such as every inch on paper equals ten feet in life. At Champion, we always provide the size of the building on our plans. We include the measurements of the exterior walls for the overall size of the house as well as the dimensions of individual rooms. Some of our mobile home plans are shown with common furniture to help you understand the scale of the rooms.

Walk through the Front Door

It can be hard to take in a full home floor plan all at once. It is much easier to use the modular home floor plan to take an imagined tour through the proposed home. The first step is to find the front door. Doors are usually marked with a break in the wall and a protruding line to demonstrate the direction the door will open. Once you locate the main entrance, imagine yourself walking through it. Pay attention to what room you enter into. Is it a foyer? Is it a main living area?

Continue Your Tour of the Home Floor Plan

After you imagine walking through the front door, consider the space you will find yourself. Check to see if it appears to be easy to move from one room to another. You can even print out the plan and use your finger or even a pen or pencil to trace paths through the house. Make sure access to each room meets your needs.

For homes with more than one story, you will need to locate the stairs on the floor plans for all levels. This will help orient you when you look at the different floors. When you look at a second story, the stairs will act as your “front door.” It is where you will start your imagined walkthrough of that floor.

Do the Home Floor Plans Meet Your Needs?

Once you are familiar with the home floor plans, you need to make sure that it meets your needs. Check the number of rooms. Remember not all homes with three bedrooms are created equal. Some rooms will be larger or smaller. Note the number of windows. Also, you should check the closets and storage space. Make sure there are enough to fulfill your needs.

When you understand how to read manufactured floor plans, shopping for a modular home will be much easier. If you still have questions about any of our plans, and what can be changes please contact a Champion retailer in your area.

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